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Third Party


IOHS Affiliate Hospital

Third Party Letter of Credit Requirements

  • Authorized payment letter  must be submitted to the school from the institution.
  • Third party payers must agree to pay the billed tuition and fees regardless of the academic outcome of the student.
  • Student has the understanding that they are responsible for any amounts not covered by the third party payer.
  • Invoices are due upon receipt. Deferred payment is not acceptable.

Third Party Letter Submission Process

Third Party will first deliver authorized 3rd party letter to:

  • Business Office
    Email:   iohs@instituteofhealthscinec.org
    Mail to:
    Institute of Health Science Business Office 11031 McCormick Road Hunt Valley, Maryland 21031
  • Fees will be billed upon receipt of the authorized letter.Students will remain pre-registered until an approved letter of credit is received or you make a payment toward the course.
  • If your letter of credit is not received and posted on your student account one week prior to your course state date, you may be dropped from your class.

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