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Payment Plans

Payment Plans


Institute of Health Science is pleased to offer a convenient plan that enables you to break the cost of your education into manageable payments. Students can sign up for a payment plan online by speaking the Registrar Office.

Payment Plan Guidelines

Institute of Health Science offers a quarter based based payment plan or all students based on total financial aid and schlorships.  The plan will be offered at no interest and will be due on the staring day of each new quarter.  The loan must be paid prior to graduation and the institute must have permission to bill your credit car or ACH checking account during your enrollment

There is a plan set-up fee of $45.00, and the first payment plus the set-up fee is due on enrollment . Plan payments can be made online in the IOHS portal. Changes to student account balances during the each quarter will automatically update the remaining payments.

Late Payment Policy

For students enrolled in the payment plan, a $20 late fee will be assessed for any delinquent installments and access to their course(s) will be suspended until payment is received. If settlement of the outstanding balances is not made within 7 days after the installment due date students will be administratively withdrawn from their course(s).

For more information on payment plans, proceed to the student portal and navigate to the “My Finances” tab.  You may also contact the Business Office at (420) 891-2514  or lkt@Institute of health Science

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