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Distance Education

Distance Education

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Distance learning does exactly what it says on the packet; it allows students to learn while in a different location to the course provider, often studying from home and most likely via computer.

The added freedoms of this approach are clear. Distance education opens up a large range of programs to students who would struggle to attend lectures and seminars face-to-face due to responsibilities or time constraints, such as parents or full- and part-time workers. Students are able to work in their own time, often at their own pace, with all the resources they need available via the internet or as downloadable materials.

medical-video-conferencingThere’s no geographic constraint either. Students and teachers can be separated by time zones and continents without this affecting the structure or efficiency of the program. Prospective students with ambitions of studying at prestigious universities elsewhere in the world can do so without having to move thousands of miles away from home, leave friends and family behind or give up their jobs.

A set course structure

Our online learning model is designed to fit your busy schedule, which means you can participate in classes on a weekly basis whenever it’s convenient for you. The flow of online dialogue is preserved so you can follow and contribute to your classmates’ conversation as it unfolds and return to it as a reference. Your online classroom also features a syllabus that includes your learning objectives, an assignment schedule, and information on grading criteria.

Assessment and evaluation

Tests are delivered online and are typically scored when you finish, which provides you with immediate feedback. Papers and projects are submitted through a drop box. This allows your instructor to access your work in a private, access-controlled environment; provide written feedback on the assignment; and then place it back in the drop box for you to review. In addition to completed assignments, you’ll be evaluated on your classroom participation as well.

A collegial learning environment

You will have the opportunity to network with faculty and classmates from across the United States and potentially around the world. IOHS faculty members work hard to make sure every student participates in class so that you can enjoy an exchange of ideas, insights, and experiences. And you will have constant access to faculty via phone and email. Some online  programs also feature face-to-face academic and clinical video conferencing

To find out more about these time restrictions, contact the school’s online education department.

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