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Enroll in online classes at ICDC College and get a laptop included with your tuition!* Available to ALL qualified online students, a laptop – and the freedom that having one provides – can take the stress out of school and put you on the path to your dream career! Benefits to having a laptop include:

  • 24/7 access to e-books, learning materials, quizzes, tests and more
  • Portability – login and learn from ANYWHERE in the world with internet access
  • Advance your education on your schedule

With this laptop offer, all IOHS  online students will experience first-hand how big a role technology plays in getting an innovative education at the school. With the online format, students will use their laptops to interact with their instructors via e-mail and interactive chat rooms, discuss coursework with their peers, and download additional learning materials. Laptops come with many of the software programs that are used in a wide variety of offices across the country. Many courses teach introductory skills for Microsoft Windows®, Microsoft Office® (including Word®, Excel®, and more), efficient internet research, and additional computer skills that are sought-after by many of today’s employers.

IOHS  College is proud to offer its online students a variety of relevant programs in such broad fields as:

  • substance abuse counseling
  • healthcare
  • homeland security
  • paralegal
  • investigations
  • business and accounting

Students can benefit from an online college that offers laptops by being able to seamlessly blend their personal and professional commitments with their education. Whether students can only study in the morning, at night, or on their lunch break at work, as long as they have their laptop, their educational advancement is just a mouse click away!

Military Service Members, Veterans, and their families can also benefit from this offer. Whether a student is still serving, or transitioning to a civilian career, they can log in from their base, their home, or anywhere in the world to build a better life for themselves and their family.

Are you interested in getting a college degree AND a laptop to help you achieve it? Would you like more information on how being a graduate from ICDC College can put you on the path to a long career and a higher earning potential? Fill out the form to the right, or pick up the phone today and call 888-926-4232! Admissions Representatives are standing by to answer all your questions about ICDC College’s laptop offer, financial aid, courses, available programs, and more!


  1. What laptop do I get? Can I choose?
    All eligible students receive an ASUS laptop. Model and brand are subject to change at ICDC College’s discretion.
  2. Do I get to keep the laptop if I drop out?
    Students must attend ICDC College for at least 30 business days in order to keep the laptop. If their enrollment is terminated before the 30 days and they have received the computer, they must return the computer or pay $500.00 in lieu of returning the computer.
  3. Can I get a laptop if I attend classes at a local ICDC Campus?
    No. The laptop is only available to online students
  4. Can I get a laptop regardless of the online program I take?
    Yes. The laptop program is not associated with a specific program – just to your enrollment in ICDC College.
  5. Do I need to purchase additional software?
    All required software is uploaded onto the laptop. However, internet service is required to access the online classroom. And some courses may require software beyond the default package.
  6. What accessories should I purchase?
    All accessories, except internet service, necessary to participate in the online classroom are already included in the computer. Students with disabilities may need to purchase additional accessories to be able to access the classroom; students with disabilities may request reasonable accommodations.
  7. Do I own all equipment I receive from the laptop program?
    All equipment belongs to the student so long as they attend ICDC College for at least 30 business days.
  8. Where do go if I have a software or hardware problem?
    ICDC College has a tech support department. Feel free to contact us online or at 888-926-4232.
  9. When will I receive my laptop?
    Normally a student must be enrolled 30 business days prior to receiving a laptop. In some cases a laptop may be issued sooner. Feel free to contact us online at 888-926-4232 for more details.
  10. What if my laptop is lost or stolen?
    ICDC College bears no responsibility for any maintenance, loss or theft of the computer; no replacement computer will be issued.

For more information about ICDC’s graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the programs, and other important information, please visit our programs page at /fields-of-study.

*Laptop at no additional cost, online students only. Qualifications include the student being currently enrolled at ICDC College, being in good academic standing, and being current with the financial aid process beginning 30 business days after the student attends their first class in their course of instruction. Receipt of laptop is at the sole discretion of ICDC College. Offer terminable at any time.

Microsoft Windows, Office, Word, and Excel are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

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