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Justin Silverstein

Justin Silverstein, DHSc, CNIM, R.EPT, R.NCS.T, CNCT, NCT-C 05-1002

Dr. Silverstein is considered a leader in the field of Intra-Operative Neurophysiological Monitoring. He is a peer-reviewed published researcher, clinical practitioner and educator in Intra-Operative Neurophysiological Monitoring and Neuronal Conduction. Dr. Silverstein obtained his Doctor of Health Science degree from A.T. Still University with a focus in clinical & intraoperative neurophysiology. His Master’s  coursework focused in behavioral neuroscience, neurological deficits, and electrophysiology. While in graduate school Dr. Silverstein took neuroscience coursework with Dr. Aage Moller at UT Dallas.
Dr. Silverstein is a frequent lecturer at national, regional and international symposia for intra-operative Monitoring, spine surgery, and electroneurodiagnostics. He has also given numerous grand round lectures to hospital staff, medical students, and residents.
  • Director of Intraoperative Neurophysiology Sub-Section Department of Orthopedics – North Shore LIJ Huntington Hospital (2013-2015)
  • Co-Chair for the Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring Interest Section for the Neurodiagnostic Society
  • Ad-Hoc Reviewer: American Journal for electroneurodiagnostic Technology; The Neurodiagnostic Journal
  • Adjunct Professor of Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology & Neurological Disorders- Institute of Health Sciences
  • Secretary/Board Member for the Southern Society of Electroneurodiagnostic Technologists (2013-2015)
A.T. Still University
Degree: Doctor of Health Science (DHSc)
Risk factors for upper extremity positional nerve injuries as seen
by somatosensory evoked potentials in patients undergoing thoracolumbar and
lumbosacral spine surgery
Board Certifications:
Certified in Neurophysiological Intra-operative Monitoring (CNIM)
Certification # 1184
Registered Nerve Conduction Studies Technologist (R.NCS.T)
Registry # 659
Certified Nerve Conduction Technologist (CNCT)
Certification #200
Nerve Conduction Technologist – Certified (NCT-C)
Certification # 05-1002
Registered Evoked Potentials Technologist (R.EPT.)
Registry # 1242
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Silverstein, J., Matthews, E., Mermelstein, L., & DeWal, H. (2015). Causal factors for upper extremity positional nerve injuries as seen by SSEP in patients undergoing thoracolumbar and lumbosacral spine surgery. Abstract presented at the Annual Meeting for ISASS [Las Vegas, NV] April 2016.
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(2014). Preserving femoral nerve function: A multimodal neuromonitoring approach in
transpsoas lateral access to the spine. Abstract presented at the Annual Meeting for ISASS
[San Diego California] April 2015.
Block, J., Silverstein, J., Ball, H., Mermelstein, L., DeWal, H., Madhok, R., Basra, S., & Goldstein,
M. (2015). Motor Evoked Potentials for femoral nerve protection in transpsoas lateral
surgery to the spine. Neurodiag J.
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Plexus: A Comparison of 3 Different L2-L3 Far Lateral Lumbar Discectomy & Fusion
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Silverstein, J. DeWal, H., & Mermelstein, L. (2009). Peroneal H-Reflex: Let’s stop dragging our feet. Am J END Tech. – Abstract
Silverstein, J. (2009). Functional Integrity of Corticospinal Tracts and Perfusion to the Motor Cortex during Open Craniotomies. Am J END Tech. – Abstract
Silverstein, J. (2008). Utilization of Paraspinal Muscles for Triggered EMG – Part 1. Am J END Tech. – Abstract
Professional Organization Membership:
The Neurodiagnostic Society (ASET) – Co-Chair IONM interest section 2010-Present
American Association of Electrodiagnostic Technologists (AAET)
American Society of Neurophysiological Monitoring (ASNM)
Southern Society of Electroneurodiagnostic Technologists (SSET) – Secretary/Board Member 2013-2015
Internation Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery (ISASS)

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