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Student Admissions

Admission Requirements

There is no concrete formula for gaining admission to Institute of Health Sciences. We are fortunate to have many talented applicants from across the United States, and Canada.

Each application we receive for admission is reviewed fully by the admission staff. IOHS does not have a minimum G.P.A and/or standardized test score that a student needs to meet in order for his or her application to be reviewed. Rather, we believe that an applicant who puts the time and effort into applying to IOHS  deserves to have his or her application evaluated fully. So while we can’t provide you with a formula to gain admission to IOHS , we can assure you that your completed application to the school will receive careful, thoughtful, and deliberate attention from our admission committee.

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Prospective Students

Admission to IOHS has become increasingly competitive as more students with superior academic records, intellectual curiosity, and scholarly promise continue to apply to the health care field.. For the Class of 2015, there were nearly 300 applications for 50  places in the Electroneurodiagnostic divisions.

Although the admission staff does not have a minimum test score or class rank in our evaluation process, we pay particular attention to your high school curriculum and your performance in that curriculum. We recommend that students pursue have A&P and science backgrounds while in high school or college. We also recommend the pursuit of any type of health care curriculum that focuses on your ability to demonstrate a commitment to lifetime learning.Individuals employed in health care are especially welcome.


Transfer Students

The IOHS community welcomes transfer students that have attended CAAHAP approved programs.

The Committee on Transfer Admission reviews each application individually. Primary emphasis is placed on the previous school record. However high school record,  recommendations, activities, and work experience are also critical components of the application. In recent years, students most successful in the transfer admission process had very strong records from both high school and at their previous program

This web site had been designed to assist students interested in finding out more about the policies and procedures related to applying to IOHS as a transfer student. We wish you much success as you continue your search for your programs and we look forward to working with you. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

International Students

Institute of Health Sciences a health science school located in the Hunt Valley suburb of Baltimore, is always interested in developing international relationships.. IOHS students  come from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, leading to a vibrant and enriching campus atmosphere.

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