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Academic Support Centers

Academic Support Services offer a myriad of resources designed to assist IOHS students to achieve their academic and personal aspirations.

Videoconferencing  Rounds are offered almost every week on a wide range of topics related to academic strategies, study skills, personal development and IOHS experience. Topics include Time Management, How to Do Problem Sets, Making the most of your First Year at Brown,  To find workshops and RSVP, click on the Workshops link on the menu or talk to your faculty member.

Academic Support Group is a biweekly meeting for students to talk to a dean and one another about academic and personal challenges they have encountered at Brown. Support group offers a safe place to find encouragement and support for many aspects of the Brown experience, including motivation, adjustment to college, and relationships with family and friends.

Individual Academic  Coaching is available by appointment. Faculty members of IOHS Partners work with interested students to achieve academic goals and to gain skills to be life-long learners. To schedule an appointment with a faculty member or adviosr, please use the link below or email IOHS@.

 You can also email  the administrative office to make an appointment with your program director, financial aid or the Director of the School for academic Support, to discuss resources, or strategies to support your education

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