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Our Financial Aid and Business Offices are staffed with friendly and customer service oriented people who are here to assist you.

Financial Aid

The mission of the Financial Aid Department is to provide maximum financial resources and services to qualified students in order to facilitate their pursuit of a postsecondary education.To achieve its mission, the Financial Aid Department supports the following principles:

  • To meet the demonstrated need of all eligible students within the guidelines mandated by federal and state entities.
  • To provide consumer information necessary for students to clearly understand their rights and responsibilities.
  • To provide financial aid counseling to guide students through the process of applying for financial aid.
  • To create an atmosphere where students feel comfortable discussing issues related to financial aid.
  • To meet federal mandates for technology requirements, including those concerning minimum computer hardware and software configuration and designated electronic processes.
  • To provide the same level of service to all students, whether on campus or at a distance.
Financial aid is intended to help you finance your education when family and personal resources are not adequate to meet your total educational costs. Financial aid consists of scholarships and grants, loans (which must be repaid), and part-time employment. The University makes every effort within its means to help all students with limited financial resources secure the needed funds.
The Office of Student Financial Aid helps students and their families on all our campuses plan for financing a college education; therefore, if you have financial concerns we invite you to seek assistance from the Office of Student Financial Aid before changing your educational goals.


Important Financial Aid Links


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2014/2015 Dependent Verification Worksheet

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Tax Transcript

Business Office

It is the mission of the Business Office and Bookstore to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing exceptional customer service.
The Business Office and Bookstore are committed to assisting our students in achieving their academic goals by providing financial services as follows:

    • Maintaining accurate financial records
    • Explanation of charges and credits on your student account statements
    • Billing
    • Make payment arrangements
    • Receive payments
    • Disburse student funds
    • Financial counseling
    • 1098t tax information processing
    • 1098t FAQ
    • Provide required  text books
To contact the Bookstore, a Business Officer, Cashier, or Financial Aid Counselor, call (800) 466-8017, Naples or (800) 466-0019, Fort Myers.  To email a question, use our Contact Us form.

Important Business Office Links

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